Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Obviously I am not well on my way to 100 pushups, but I am almost ready to start over and and see this challenge to completion!

Waiting for my large project(s) to be completed, and my weight lifting machine to be setup.

No, I have not gained or lost any weight since I began or stopped this program.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Less Pain!

I seem to be having considerably less pain in my right arm. I have not noticed my hand or arm tingling or falling asleep or anything else out of the ordinary. My wrist still feels slightly weakened when gripping things or holding things at an angle.

I am getting closer, but still not sure when pushups will start again.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

pushups on hold..

Pushups are again on hold. The pain in my right arm that I had previously been complaining about has extremely worsened. I do not blame the pushup challenge, however I am in too much pain to continue pushups. The pain is likely an injury related to the demolition and rebuilding of my garage, including the retaining wall side-project that was required after the garage was built. These projects were in motion BEFORE starting the hundred pushup challenge.

I will have to find some other supplement to strengthen my upper body without putting strain on my wrist. I am not sure if I have carpal tunnel or an issue with my back. If someone would like to donate chiropractic services it would be much appreciated!

My ultimate goal to reach 100 consecutive pushups remains. It may just take me longer than a six week training program and will definitely involve the "Perfect Pushups" that were gifted to me.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

exhaustion test: 20 pushups

After breaking for a week at an attempt to recover from working in the yard and completing two weeks of the pushup challenge, I did my exhaustion test tonight and completed 20 pushups. I sort of expected more, but seeing as I haven't changed my routine as I *plan* to yet and I completed the test at the end of the day -- I can't complain.

This puts me in the first column for week 3. I don't expect it to be any easier than the first two weeks just because it's the first column. Nope. This is week 3; half-way through the 6 week program (unless I take another week off!).

If you want to look ahead to week 3, it can be found here:

I haven't decided about the "perfect pushups" yet. They actually seem to make the pushups harder. As I posted to twitter:
"perfect pushup" = EXTRA difficult. lol should i start the challenge over using these, or do i continue on w/o them..? or suck it up & use'm
Though, I do know the end result might be "better"... I'm just not sure if I'm ready to add them in there yet.

Week 3 begins tomorrow, and I am continuing on with the Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

week 2, day 3: fail.

Ok, so day 3 of the second week. This is the last day before the first progress test. I have been a bit disappointed with myself this week as I have struggled to complete the last sets these past two days. I have titled this post as "fail" because I was 2 short in the end and could not, or rather did not, complete them. I do not think that it is helpful to add a 6th set of 2 reps because I was 2 short on the 5th set. I think I may need to aim for a different column when I start week three. I know the requirements change for week 3 so I do not know which columns are which at this point. Remember; no looking ahead!

Week 2, day 3's schedule looks like this:
  1. 16
  2. 17
  3. 14
  4. 14
  5. minimum of 20
There is a 120 second (or more if needed) break between sets. I have actually been giving myself about 5 minutes between sets -- for various reasons.

So, this was supposed to be 81 pushups and I only made it to 79.

Because I have been doing excessive manual labor for 2 -3 hours each day after work, and most of Saturdays and Sundays (except this weekend since it's my birthday) I am going to take a few extra days off before doing the progress test and starting week 3. The annoying pain in my arm and hand is gone, but my back has been KILLING me! I have always had back issues, so I am not relating that to the pushup challenge.

I also feel strongly that I need to add something else to my routine. I am going to try and get up even earlier than I already do -- before the sun is up!! -- and get back into the elliptical for 30 minutes every morning. I also feel that scheduling the pushup training at the end of my day, even though I sit all day long, is not quite working out.

So there are some changes to come for me for week 3.

In addition to that, some friends of mine learned of my pushup challenge and came across the "Perfect Pushup" at a rummage sale (happy birthday to me!), so I'll be starting with those in week three.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

week 2, day 2: 71 total pushups

Or, 81 total pushups if you count a ~3 hour break and then adding 10 more pushups into the mix.

I have been noticing over the past two days that my right arm seems just sore enough to be a little annoying, but not quite sore enough to call it sore. I have also experienced very slight tingling in my right hand like it had fallen asleep, but not 100% woken up (minor pinched nerve?). Lastly, my whole right arm and hand seem to tire out very quickly. This seemed to get better as today progressed, so on with the show it was. Besides, I have been busting my back with this whole garage and landscaping project and am not convinced that this could be related to doing pushups 3 days a week.

Seeing as Monday didn't go as planned, I decided to try and do my pushups the first chance I got after walking in the door from work. I had an energy drink after lunch since I didn't sleep so well last night, so I wondered if it would be put to good use.


Getting right to it (I'm tired..) today's sets, with a 90 second intervals between sets, looked like this:
  1. 14
  2. 16
  3. 12
  4. 12
  5. minimum of 17
The first 14 wasn't even easy like the first set normally is, but I am absolutely determined to successfully complete this challenge and continue to do 100 pushups a few days a week while adding in other excersizes or taking another challenge.

Since there was a house full of kids here today, I picked a quiet spot on a different floor of the house--hoping to avoid the same ending Monday had. Trying to keep my breathing consistent, I still struggled through sets 1 - 3. Then my youngest started screaming and my wife started shouting, so I had to come downstairs and find out what was going on. After that distraction, I didn't follow the program as required and had to break up the last set again. Now I am starting to wonder if I should be downgrading to the middle column instead of the far right column (here is the week 2 schedule) but there is a progress test at the end of week 2 that will set me up for week 3, so I'm not giving up here!

After all of that and at the end of the day, I decided to hit the floor and pump out 10 more pushups to make up for my shotty ending today. Those 10 were the easiest pushups I have done all week and at the end of the day, aside from being completely exhausted, fubar'ing my blog posts, and having the slight annoyance on the couch next to me, err, I mean in my right arm ;-) I am feeling pretty darn good.

I am looking forward to the progress test at the end of week 2, but I am relizing that I need to add a routine to my routine. Meaning, I need to be paying attention to my breathing more, staying hydrated, and not attempting these on an empty stomach. A consistent time of day may be nice as well.

week 2, day 1: 63 total pushups

(better late than never, right?)


OK, the level of difficulty has increased for me. I did spend the entire weekend working in the yard (manual labor, I'm not pulling weeds or cutting the grass!) and for some reason even though I was off on Monday, I waited till the end of the day to do my pushups. Bad idea. I'm thinking that I should have done them earlier in the day. I ended up padding the 60 second breaks between sets and still failed miserably in the last set.

Week 2, day 1 was supposed to look like this:
  1. 14
  2. 14
  3. 10
  4. 10
  5. Minimum of 15
As I had mentioned in earlier posts, I have intended on pushing myself to do more than the minimum requirements for the last set of the day. I'm writing this on Wednesday and still have to write today's post. I can't remember if I did squeaze in one extra or not so I'm not counting it--and as you read on you'll see why.

When I decided to take this challenge, I had a conversation with my friend Rick and he was reminding me the importance of breathing when doing pushups. Well, during Mondays routine, I was having a conversation with my wife while I was working out. I'm sure it was interesting, but the topic has since slipped my mind. During the last set of 15, I was really losing control, I stumbled on my breathing, and lost it at about 12 pushups. I was quite disappointed and quickly completed the remaining pushups immediately after collapsing to the ground.

In the end, I did complete the 63 pushups, but it wasn't as closely following the program as I would have liked.