Monday, May 18, 2009

initial test: 15 push ups

Not too shabby. Last year I started doing push ups and was up to about 60 a day. But I wasn't following a training program. I'd do 20 in the morning, 20 on lunch, and 20 at night. I think I did get up to around 25 at some point, but then I started drinking during the week again.

Drinking during the week kinda puts a damper on any exercise. Though, when the beer tastes so good it's kind of hard to avoid....

So 15 push ups puts me in rank 3 for the initial test in my age group (under 40 yrs old). That's cool and all, but it also looks like it means that I'll be doing the maximum push ups for each week.

Remember, the goal is to be able to do 100 push ups.

Ok, so moving right along to week 1. The site does recommend waiting a few days, but I'm anxious to get started this week. I have chosen a schedule of Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Fridays will usually end up with a beer-in-hand sometime after the push up routine, but hopefully that is acceptable. Especially since there was that study that found beer could hydrate faster than water (I think it was dark beer that had the best results). For more info about that--you'll have to Google it for now.

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  1. My initial result was 13 modified push ups. Better than I expected! I first tried regular push ups and that didn't go so well, after 2 I was done, so I'll be doing modified. :)