Tuesday, May 19, 2009

week 1, day 1: 45 total push ups

The initial test placed me into rank 3. This puts me into the 3rd column on the charts found here: http://tinyurl.com/55mb8j

Following the training program, my first day will consist of five sets with 60 second breaks in between. The sets look like this:
  1. 10 push ups
  2. 12 push ups
  3. 7 push ups
  4. 7 push ups
  5. as many as possible with a minimum of 9
That's 45 total push ups! I can do this!

Since I had done my initial test earlier, the first 10 were a little difficult. The set of 12 wasn't too bad. The first set of 7 was quick and easy! But by the time I tried to do the second set of 7... I wasn't sure HOW to do a push up anymore! I layed there for a minute and attempted to re-figure out my form. Once I got it, those 7 were a little shakey, but I made sure not to cheat them.

Finally the last set. A minimum of 9. A little scary now, but if I fall, at least I'm not too far from the ground! I have to say these were probably the most difficult push ups I had done in.. well, these were the most difficult push ups I had done! I thought that I'd at least just do an even 10, but I squeaked by with barely 9, again making sure that I don't cheat them, touching my chin to the ground each time.

Whew! A successful 45 push ups. I decided not to do the yardwork I had planned on completing just after my workout, and I am looking forward to not doing push ups on Tuesday, but I am ready to continue on with my challenge!


  1. I decided to join you in your challenge. This seems like it might be better for me than the "keeping it real" program I've been working with since graduating. Don't feel bad about your initial test, buddy. I worked in construction before becoming an IT guy and I was reduced to only being able to do 16 push ups in the initial test. I'm left hurting after just the initial test.

  2. You have your kids and I have my pets trying the climbing on/under/over to compete with! Initially I was thinking I was in column 2, then I realized with 13 push ups I was in column 3. So I did 49 push ups yesterday (my day 1) and now I'm feeling it today. No pain no gain right?