Wednesday, May 27, 2009

week 2, day 1: 63 total pushups

(better late than never, right?)


OK, the level of difficulty has increased for me. I did spend the entire weekend working in the yard (manual labor, I'm not pulling weeds or cutting the grass!) and for some reason even though I was off on Monday, I waited till the end of the day to do my pushups. Bad idea. I'm thinking that I should have done them earlier in the day. I ended up padding the 60 second breaks between sets and still failed miserably in the last set.

Week 2, day 1 was supposed to look like this:
  1. 14
  2. 14
  3. 10
  4. 10
  5. Minimum of 15
As I had mentioned in earlier posts, I have intended on pushing myself to do more than the minimum requirements for the last set of the day. I'm writing this on Wednesday and still have to write today's post. I can't remember if I did squeaze in one extra or not so I'm not counting it--and as you read on you'll see why.

When I decided to take this challenge, I had a conversation with my friend Rick and he was reminding me the importance of breathing when doing pushups. Well, during Mondays routine, I was having a conversation with my wife while I was working out. I'm sure it was interesting, but the topic has since slipped my mind. During the last set of 15, I was really losing control, I stumbled on my breathing, and lost it at about 12 pushups. I was quite disappointed and quickly completed the remaining pushups immediately after collapsing to the ground.

In the end, I did complete the 63 pushups, but it wasn't as closely following the program as I would have liked.

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