Saturday, May 30, 2009

week 2, day 3: fail.

Ok, so day 3 of the second week. This is the last day before the first progress test. I have been a bit disappointed with myself this week as I have struggled to complete the last sets these past two days. I have titled this post as "fail" because I was 2 short in the end and could not, or rather did not, complete them. I do not think that it is helpful to add a 6th set of 2 reps because I was 2 short on the 5th set. I think I may need to aim for a different column when I start week three. I know the requirements change for week 3 so I do not know which columns are which at this point. Remember; no looking ahead!

Week 2, day 3's schedule looks like this:
  1. 16
  2. 17
  3. 14
  4. 14
  5. minimum of 20
There is a 120 second (or more if needed) break between sets. I have actually been giving myself about 5 minutes between sets -- for various reasons.

So, this was supposed to be 81 pushups and I only made it to 79.

Because I have been doing excessive manual labor for 2 -3 hours each day after work, and most of Saturdays and Sundays (except this weekend since it's my birthday) I am going to take a few extra days off before doing the progress test and starting week 3. The annoying pain in my arm and hand is gone, but my back has been KILLING me! I have always had back issues, so I am not relating that to the pushup challenge.

I also feel strongly that I need to add something else to my routine. I am going to try and get up even earlier than I already do -- before the sun is up!! -- and get back into the elliptical for 30 minutes every morning. I also feel that scheduling the pushup training at the end of my day, even though I sit all day long, is not quite working out.

So there are some changes to come for me for week 3.

In addition to that, some friends of mine learned of my pushup challenge and came across the "Perfect Pushup" at a rummage sale (happy birthday to me!), so I'll be starting with those in week three.

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